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Tales Invite
03.11.2011, 23:09
Dear friends!
Today we are glad to see you at our school. Look at these decorations and these toys and go back to the time of your childhood. I am sure that all your dreams of those years were connected with fairy tales. So today you have a chance to travel to the world of your dreams. You will meet many characters from your favourite tales. I hope all of you will like them.
So let's start! We begin our holiday with a parade of fairy tale characters. They will say a few words about themselves. And your task is to recognize them and to say their names.
1. I am a very beautiful girl. I've got large blue eyes and long blue hair.
I have a blue ribbon in my hair. My dress is blue too.
I can read and write.
Who am I?
2. I am a nice little girl. I love my mother and grandmother.
I have a red hat on. I have a basket in my hand.
Who am I?
Red Riding Hood
3. I am a big man. I have a very long beard.
My mouth is big and round. My eyes are big and round too.
Who am I?
4. I am small and very thin. I have got a very long nose.
My hair is long too. I have a hat on. I'm made of wood.
Who am I?
5. I am a beautiful girl. I have no nice dresses and beautiful shoes.
I have two sisters. They don't love me.
Who am I?
Well done!
You have guessed all the characters and I can see that you didn't forget your old fairy tales. And now I want you to meet some other characters. I am sure you will recognize them without any help. The pupils of the eleventh form want to dramatize a fairy tale "The Golden Fish". But I have to say that you will be a little bit surprised, because this tale will be not "The Golden Fish" that you know. It will be something different because it is in a new interpretation.
So let's see.

Teller Grandfather Grandmother
Golden Fish Magic Glass

Teller. Once upon a time there lived an old man with his wife. They were common people and lived as other people did. One day the old man said to his wife:
Grandfather. Granny, oh Granny, what shall we have for dinner?
Grandmother. Go to the shop and buy a tin of sprats in oil.
Teller. So the old man went to the shop and bought a tin of sprats in oil.
Grandfather. Have you prepared mashed potatoes?
Grandmother. Of course, I have. Open the tin and let's have a dinner.
Grandfather. Oh, what is it? There is a golden fish in the tin.
Golden Fish. Don't eat me, old man. I shall fulfill your three wishes.
Grandfather. All right. I shall have a talk with my Granny.
Grandfather. Oh, Granny. There is the Golden Fish in the tin. She speaks like people. She promises to fulfill our three wishes.
Grandmother. You are a silly man. Go back to the Golden Fish and ask her for a thousand dollars. Be quick.
Teller. The man went back to the Golden Fish and asked her for a thousand dollars.
Golden Fish. Go to your wife and you will have a thousand of dollars.
Grandmother. How happy I am. I shall buy many things. I shall buy a very big house.
Grandfather. We are rich now.
Grandmother. Go back to the Golden Fish and ask her for Oriflamme cosmetics. Be quick.
Grandfather. Oh, dear Fish. My wife wants Oriflamme cosmetics.
Golden Fish. Go home, old man. Your wife will have it.
Grandmother. Go back to the Golden Fish and say that I want to be as young and beautiful as Madonna.
Grandfather. Oh, dear Fish. The more we have the more we want. My wife wants to be as young and beautiful as Madonna.
Golden Fish. Well old man. You are a poor man. Go home. You will not recognize your wife.
Grandmother. Oh, my magic glass, tell me, please: who is the best in the world?
Magic Glass. You are, you are…
Grandfather. Oh, Granny! You are so beautiful!!!
Grandmother. I am not your wife. You are old and I am young. Go away! My security! Take him away!

I hope you liked the story. As the old man said "The more we have the more we want". I think this story is not finished yet and that was just an extract from the modern tale "The Golden Fish". The woman will not stop at three wishes. She will want more and more but what will she have? Very often we want more but have nothing. Sometimes we want to be like other people. And children very often want to be like their favourite fairy tale characters. So some pupils want to show you some drawings of their favourite characters and to tell some words about them.
Let's look at the drawings and listen the stories about them.

1. Look at this girl. Her name is Duimovochka. She is a very pretty girl. She has an oval face and large blue eyes. Her nose is small and her lips are red. Duimovochka is a fair-haired girl. Her hair is straight and long. She has got a very nice blue dress on. She is very small. Her mother found her in a tulip. An ugly frog wanted to marry her. But soon she met her prince.

2. Let me introduce this girl. Her name is Cinderella. She is a very pretty girl. Her blonde hair is very long and curly. She has got a small ribbon in her hair. Her eyes are blue and her lips are thin and red. Her cheeks are rosy. Cinderella's step mother and two sisters do not like her. But one day she met a handsome prince and they fell in love.

3. This is Princess Rosamond. She is the Sleeping Beauty. At the age of sixteen the princess pricked her finger on a spindle and fell asleep for 100 years. One day a prince from a country far away came to the palace, found a Rosamond and kissed the princess. She woke up and smiled.

I think the drawings and the characters were very nice. At all times fairy tales were very popular not only among children but among grown ups as well. Every year new tales appeared or the old ones were changed. That why nowadays all children like new tales and characters like Harry Potter or Tanya Grotter. And sometimes we like to change old fairy tales. So let's see the next fairy tale in a new interpretation.
The pupils of the ninth form will dramatize the tale "The Turnip".

Teller Old Man Granny Granddaughter
Zhuchka Murka Little Mouse

Teller. Once upon a time there lived an old man and his wife. One day the old man sowed a turnip seed. The rain fell, the sun shone and the seed grew and grew into a very big turnip.
Old Man. I want to have my big turnip for supper. I want to pull it out! One, two, three, it is too big for me. Granny, come here. Help me please.
Granny. Oh, I cannot help you because it is half past five now. Don't you know that every day at this time I watch my favourite serial? I hope today Ricardo will meet Rosa. May be our granddaughter will help you?
Old Man. Granddaughter, come here. Can you help me, please?
Granddaughter. Oh, Grandpa! How can I help you? Don't you see I have a new dress on? And I have no time because I am going to the disco club. Ask Zhuchka to help you.
Old Man. Zhuchka, come here. Help me please.
Zhuchka. I'm sorry, grandfather, I cannot help you. In ten minutes I have a rendezvous with the neighbor's dog near the restaurant. I think Murka can help you.
Old Man. Murka, come here. Help me please.
Murka. I don't want to help you because I don't like turnip. I prefer "Wiskas". It is really tasty and very cheap in our super market.
Old Man. I cannot pull out the turnip. It is too big for me. Nobody wants to help me.
Little Mouse. Don't cry, old man. I shall help you with my tail.

I think you know the other tale about turnip and its characters are not like those you have just seen. But I hope you understand that it is just a joke. We changed the original tale for fun. And all of us remember the old tales. To prove it we prepared several extracts to be sure that you didn't forget some tales. You have to say the titles of the tales.
1. – What big eyes you have, Granny!
- The better to see you, my dear.
- What big ears you have, Granny!
- The better to hear you, my dear.
- What sharp teeth you have, Granny!
- The better to eat you up.
Little Red Riding Hood
2. – My cup is not full!
– My cup is not full either!
– And my cup is empty!
- And who is this? A little girl!
- Let us catch her up!
- Let us eat her up!
-Yes, yes! Let us eat her up!
Three Bears
3. I was scraped from the flour-box,
And swept from the bin,
And baked in the oven,
And cooled on the sill.
I ran away from Grandpa,
I ran away from Grandma,
I'll run away from you!
The Little Round Bun
It's a pity but our party is over. Thank you very much.
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